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Aug 26th 2019 Tamonas Novas will be on stage at Kuopiohalli in September 24th. Showtime @ 4 p.m. Private occasion (for Kuopio City employees only).

Jun 2nd 2019
Tamonas Novas
had a nice gig last wednesday at Wanha Satama in Kuopio. Band was introducing a new keyboard player Roope Pelkonen and even more, had also a substitute drummer Petteri Kuivala on board! The band sounded like these guys had been in for years! Great playing pals! JP was also shining on bass!

Some photos and video clips by Pekka Piipponen can be seen @:

Sep 5th 2018
Tamonas Novas
is active again! The band will be on stage at Ullan Krouvi in Oct 5th 2018. Welcome!

Jul 3rd 2017
The bands www-site has been under an attack of some jerk - thus out of order many weeks! Now again working! The band will be on stage in August 5th 2017 at Leppavirta "Down By The River" happening!

1st 2017 Tamonas Novas
wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We also announce that the band will start to the year 2017 as a trio: Jorma Kinnunen (guitar, vocals), JiiPee Seppälä (bass, backing vocals) and Ville Laaksonen (drums).

30th 2016
Ville Laaksonen
(drums) has joined the band. Welcome Ville!

24th 2016 Tamonas Novas
on stage @ Harry's Jyvaskylä in Nov 25th and 26th (fri and sat). Showtime @11 pm. Welcome!

Jun 11th 2015  A bass player Juha-Pekka Seppälä has joined the band! Welcome JP! First gigs will take place in August.

May 5th 2015  A new drummer, Marko Udd, has joined the band! Welcome Marko! A bass player Juha-Pekka Seppälä has also been playing with the other guys some 3-4 times!

This current "rehearsal line-up" will be on stage at Wanha Satama on May 13th in a private party. The set to be heard is a 70's tribute and include some nice songs from Procol Harum, Who, Janis Joplin and Finnish bands Royals and Dave Lindholm.

Feb 2nd 2015 
After rehearsing as a new line-up for the summer 2014 and doing three gigs, the band's new members Jaakko, Timo and Tatu unfortunately decided to leave the band. Thanks anyway lads and good luck!

Jul 1st 2014 
Drummer Jaakko Pöyhönen has joined the band. Welcome Jaska!

Jun 15th 2014  I am pleased to announce new musicians in the line-up: Heikki Hintikka (keyboards/guitar), Timo Rantama (guitar/backing vocals) and Tatu Back (bass). Welcome Hese, Timo and Tatu!

Jun 9th 2014 Tamonas Novas gig dates for the autumn 2014 already announced! Go to  <GIGS>

Jun 2nd 2014 
A new line-up of the band is forming... A few rehearsals have already been organized. Summer 2014 will show the direction to the band! Stay tuned!

May 7th 2014
The circle has been closed! Tamonas Novas will head to the future as a one man band - at the moment at least... Thanks for all the players in different line-ups during the almost 10 years!

Thanks to all gig promoters and of course to you - listeners of our music and all other friends of the band!

There will probably be a recording to be released to commemorate the bands nearly one decade journey. More of that later on...

Apr 17th 2014
Tamonas Novas is seeking for a new drummer. We thank Aki Saarisalo for 1,5 years as our drummer and wish all the best for him.

Oct 1st 2013 The summer has definately gone!

Jul 31st 2013 In Finland many seem to think that in the beginning of August the summer has gone!? We say: summer is just about to begin! The band will be performing four times in August. Stay tuned!

Jun 7th 2013 The new line-up of the band has now performed twice. A gig at Henry's two days ago was a nice one! Thanks to the "crowd"! Now a short holiday and the band will be back on stage at Harry's in Jyväskylä on 12th and 13th of July. Welcome!

Mar 7th 2013 You are welcome to see if Tamonas Novas is a bunch of "gone guys" or is there still future for the band. The new line-up at Ullan Krouvi on March 9th 2013. Welcome!

Jan 18th 2013 Tamonas Novas introducing the new line-up at Ullan Krouvi on March 9th 2013. Welcome!

Dec 12th 2012 Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Oct 1st 2012 Tamonas Novas announces to sign a new drummer Aki Saarisalo. Welcome Aki!

Aug 27th 2012 Tamonas Novas announces to sign a new guitar player Viktor Lepistö. Welcome Viktor!

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